• Paul Wegweiser

E30 Lip Spoilers! Fits 1988-1991

So you've been driving around for months with that little black trim piece missing from the front of your car because you just couldn't justify spending silly money on a dumb piece of lower trim. The neighbors are talking about you. It's bringing the property values down. Now's your chance to make it right. Soon the neighbors will start inviting you to their BBQ get-togethers, and they'll start picking up after their dog in your yard. It's a total WIN-WIN! It's amazing how much better these cars look when the trim strip is reinstalled.

Item #1 Standard lip (aftermarket) $51.00 or (Genuine BMW) $159.00. Item #2 (Genuine BMW, primer finish) $189.00

We're offering the standard black replacement spoiler lip as both an aftermarket **AND** a Genuine BMW part. You choose. We ALSO offer the slightly more aggressive lip spoiler as a genuine BMW part, with a primered finish, so that it can be painted to match your car, if you choose! Clips are available for $2.03 each (10 required per car)

E mail us if you have any questions, or to get yours! classicbmwparts@gmail.com

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