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2002 Body Rubber Kits!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

We hope that your holidays were all good ones filled with fun and good memories! Now that the dust has settled, we're back with winter project ideas and parts sales!

Repainting your car? Replacing glass for that springtime road trip or car meet?We have all the bits you need to get your 2002 water tight and fresh!

We sell ONLY Genuine BMW rubber body gaskets because they fit perfectly!

Front windshield seal $133.16

Rear windshield seal $133.16

Chrome bead insert for windshield seal, each $56.38

Door gaskets, each $280.55

Sill plate gasket on threshold mldg $32.75

Rear 1/4 glass seals, each $68.15

B Pillar vertical seal, each $29.95

Outer "squeegee" aluminum trim WITH SEALS $156.00 per side

Door mirror base seals, each $14.88

Door vent glass triangular seals, each $45.04

Door handle seal SET (4 pcs) $39.00

End caps for exterior door "squeegee" trim (4 pc SET) $64.84

Long seal on hood $35.31

Short hood seal (on hood, 2" wide) $34.00

Hood latch seals on fenders (SET) $98.00

Turn signal seals, front, each $42.39

Tail light seal (round) each $44.34

Tail light seal (square) left $76.00

Tail light seal (square) right (currently on backorder until March 2020)

license plate light seal, each $3.24

Trunk seal $52.29

Inner horizontal felt for door panel, each $29.00

Vertical door window channel cloth (SET) $68.00

Bumper front bracket seals, each $7.14

Wiper post grommet seals, each $4.50

To reach our Classic Hotline, call: 412.585.2067 for more details or even if you simply have questions!

We're happy to help. We've been driving and servicing these cars for over 30 years....and we back our 2002 products with detailed installation assistance 24/7!


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