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Help a Member of our BMW Family

For over 20 years, our dear friend Harry has turned to us for parts to keep his beloved BMWs on the road in Puerto Rico. Harry isn't just a customer of ours, he's a mentor and cheerleader in our worldwide BMW family. He's always supporting other owners with positive comments, advice, and genuinely sharing in their happiness when someone else has a good BMW day.

We could all use a little more Harry in our lives.

Harry is facing some very serious health challenges in his own life right now, as he endures costly Cancer treatments in Puerto Rico, and we'd like to help him by sharing this fundraiser.

With your donation, you help remind us all that it's the people and our friendships, that keep our BMW hobby so fun and filled with enthusiasm.

Please help us give back, to a fella that has given so much to others!

We Love you Harry!


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