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M20 Master Timing Belt Kit!

Everything you need to replace the timing belt and associated seals and water pump. We've even got you covered on ignition cap and rotor, "while you're in there" too! $112.00

These are your valves. They're nice valves but you never want them kissing your pistons. Take care of them by changing your timing belt every 60,000 miles / 8 years no matter what!


Conti OEM timing belt

INA tensioner pulley

camshaft seal (behind cam sprocket)

black "thumbnail" rocker shaft seals (4)

plastic clips for wiring loom on timing cover (2)

wiring loom on timing cover

rubber dust seal (Genuine BMW)

valve cover gasket

water pump seal

water pump (upgraded metal impeller)

You can even add new ignition cap and rotor for $69.00 additional

The M20 is a fantastic engine when treated with modest and routine care.


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