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The Vintage 2019. Great Memories!

As I decompress from the magic that is the annual North Carolina / Asheville vintage BMW gathering, I'm sorting through memories and a whole lot of feels.

After a 15 year hiatus, I'm back with Maximillian Importing handling BMW parts sales and social media presence. It feels good to be back. Our company has been around for over 30 years, and we're poised to be better than ever before with fast shipping and shockingly competitive prices on Genuine and OEM/Aftermarket parts.

Several people approached me over the weekend and said "I bought a lot of parts from you folks, many years ago, and I still have the car - you guys were great!"... but more than two or three folks came up to me and asked quite earnestly;

"What do you guys do?"

Well... we sell parts for vintage and classic BMWs! From repair and maintenance parts to full tilt restoration detail parts. I'm the guy that answers the phone or e mail if you contact us, and it's my absolute pleasure to offer you personal and knowledgeable service when you ask us about parts your beloved BMW needs.

I get my kicks from appreciating and researching the stuff we ALL need to keep our cars on the road, but for me it's far more than a sales job selling "widgets". I've made some fantastic friends and created bonds with people that will last a lifetime through my work here, and I look forward to making more.

It's a new generation of owners - and a new, exciting climate - but with the same old passion as before. I'm loving this!

It's about the people...not just the cars. Spending time with some of my heroes.

Need parts? Just e mail or call me. If BMW has it...or if it's available as an OEM part - I can offer you the service (and prices) to earn your business. It's that simple. You get our decades of hands-on experience, knowledge, and that personal touch for free - it doesn't matter if you buy just a few bolts or a whole engine rebuild kit. I've worked in the repair industry and the restoration industry, so I know the issues and priorities faced by both enthusiasts and shop owners.

Our website is a comprehensive catalog of BMW parts from old to new, but occasionally parts are listed that are currently on backorder or contain application errors. I encourage you to e mail us to verify availability and pricing options any time.

Adding that personal (and sometimes analog) touch is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work here!

Our e mail:

My personal direct mobile extension: 412 585 2067



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