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Aaaahhhhhht Laaaasssssst.....

The wait is over!

Affordable high quality nose panels for both early AND late 2002s! Delivery expected in February of 2020. To qualify for our introductory price of $995.00, please order yours before

February 2020!

US Distributors: Maximillian Importing Co and Ireland Engineering


Aluminum 2002 Beltline trim kits: $595.00

*kits include all clips, fasteners, and joint collars!*

2002 window regulators, each $195.00

Seat lever bezels: $59.00 / pair

Replace those cracked and missing bezels on your original seats! Fit 2002 and CS / E9 seats

Genuine BMW!

Hazet Screwdriver sets

Made in Germany!


1974-1976 2002 door panels:

Blue or Black: $879.00 per pair!

Call or e mail us for other years and colors!

Speak with one of our specialists!


How much do we like these gorgeous Hazet wrench sets?

We bought them for our(s)elves!

Copyright 2019 Maximillian Importing. All Rights Reserved.

Quantities limited. Prices and availability subject to change.


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