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June Parts Specials for your 2002!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

From trim to body and lighting seals! We are once again able to offer the following parts after months of backorders!

All parts are NEW and Genuine BMW!

Upper door "squeegee" trim complete with seals / felt! Only $156 each!

2002 front turn signal gaskets, left *and* right. $40.39 each!

2002 rear round tail light gaskets, left and right. $42.21 each!

2002 upper door "squeegee" trim! Comes complete with outer scraper *and* the felt! (felt alone is not currently available from BMW, but you get it when you buy the assembly from us!) $156.00 per side!

Call 412 585 2067 - Mobile Hotline to order - or e mail us at!


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