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E30 Door seal kit!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Replace all the tired felt and rubber seals on your E30 to eliminate wind noise and chatter! Please specify year and model when ordering.

e mail us! classicbmwparts@gmail.com

2 Door kit: Complete kit for freshening up both doors (2 door, non cabrio models): E MAIL US for current blow out pricing on GENUINE BMW seals!

4 Door kit: Complete kit for freshening up all four doors (All 4 door models): E MAIL US for current pricing!

Above kits do not include the large cloth / rubber seals on body of car. See below for details on those items, available separately.


cloth channels for door glass (item #1 from second illustration)

rubber seals on upper frame of door (item #8 from first illustration)

inner and outer horizontal "squeegee" seals (items 3 & 5 from first illustration)

door lock seals (not shown, fit beneath external lock cylinders)

Gasket for body of car (main door opening felt/rubber seals):

2 Door SET: $ E MAIL US!

4 Door SET: $ E MAIL US!


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