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Happy Holiday SALE!

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

This Holiday Season, think of the children.

We all deserve a little holiday joy, don't you think?

All of us at Maximillian Importing would like to extend our warmest wishes to you and yours, for a wonderful and fun filled holiday season!

We've got restoration and maintenance parts for your classic BMW, in addition to parts for your newest classic! We offer Genuine BMW as well as all the high quality OEM and aftermarket parts you've come to know and trust. From a routine brake job to rotisserie-level restorations, we carry the large AND the small parts you'll need to get the job finished! And YES! We have some GREAT holiday GIFT IDEAS, too!

Some Great deals on winter project parts AND the perfect gifts for the BMW nut on your shopping's just a small sampling:

Late style 2002 speedometer calibrated for 3.90/3.91 differentials! $312.00

Genuine German HAZET screwdriver set $39.00!

Protect your car's fender while working on it! $69.00

New 2002 trunk lock with keys $125.00

The stuff everyone needs at great prices now through December 31st!

Zimmermann coated 2002 front brake disks, ea: $26.00

OEM Ate 2002 tii brake master cylinder: $299.95

OEM Ate 2002 (non tii) brake master cylinder: $169.00

OEM Ate rubber brake hose kit (2002) $48.00

OEM Ate E30 325i (and many others) front brake disk, ea: $39.00

OEM Ate E30 325i (and many others) rear brake disk, ea: $26.00

OEM Lemförder E28 upper control arms, ea: $85.00

OEM Lemförder E28 lower control arms, ea: $75.00 (steel) $111.00 (aluminum)

OEM Stabilus E30 front hood shock, ea: $9.25

Aftermarket E30 (88-91) black lower lip for front valence: $59.00

OEM E30 (88-91) black "is" lower lip for front valence: $211.00

Ask about E32, E34, E36, and routine maintenance parts for ALL OTHER BMW models, too! We carry them ALL!

E Mail us for details, or to get your parts on the way!


Call one of our experienced specialists to help you keep your cherished sleigh in tip-top condition!



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