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Make it stop!!!!

It's been an eventful month with Lily (our 1969 BMW 2002 - that's been stored in a garage for 28 years!) I've reassembled the motor, rebuilt the tiny little carb, and now she runs again - for the first time in nearly three decades! Engine rebuild parts are still affordable for our little motors! If you're about to embark on an engine build yourself, let us know! We can provide all the parts you need to freshen things up! From timing chains to water pumps!

Now that she runs, I need to think about making her stop! That's where things can get messy... but once the braking and hydraulic systems have been buttoned up - the rest is easy nut-and-bolt stuff that won't leave puddles on the ground!

As you can imagine... letting a car sit - even for a few months, can really do a number on the moving parts of the hydraulic system - brakes and clutch parts that push fluid to accomplish braking and shifting ability. Here's a quick list of the bits I've installed on her. She can now stop, so once I get the rest of the drivetrain back in....I CAN ACTUALLY DRIVE IT!

Although they might look good on the outside, the rubber hoses can swell shut with age internally and lead to all manner of quirky braking issues!

Prices are per piece:

brake master cylinder $159.00

elbows for master cylinder cloth hoses $4.88

cloth hose for master cylinder, per meter $12.65

brake hose set (6 pcs) $48.30

brake caliper rebuild kits $18.70

rear wheel cylinders $18.50

rear brake drums $51.00

clutch master cylinder $99.95

clutch slave cylinder $85.00

So... for well under $700.00 every soft part of the brake and clutch system is fresh and will be trouble free for years to come! Not bad, eh?

Fresh caliper seals and some high quality paint make calipers look and function like brand new!

Since I had the hubs and rotors apart up front, it seemed prudent to replace the wheel bearings and inboard wheel seals... total cost for TWO front wheel bearing kits: $40.00. DONE!

I discovered that the float inside the brake fluid reservoir was filling with fluid - and giving me a false "brake fluid loss warning" light on the dashboard as it would slowly fill and sink lower in the reservoir. New cap including float: $29.00. Cheap peace of mind!

Specialized brake fluid resistant cloth covered rubber hose feeds the master cylinder.

Remember! It may LOOK like standard issue hose... but that cloth covered stuff that carries brake fluid to the master cylinder is SPECIALLY FORMULATED to withstand the nasty corrosive effects of brake fluid! The wrong stuff will dissolve within weeks or months! Those little plastic elbows can crack and break too, with age.... Now is a great time to replace them at $4.88 each!

Tune in for the next installment.... because I haven't told you about how absolutely NASTY some parts of this car were. It's not all flying wrenches and 10mm sockets... some of it involves deep cleaning ...and a strong stomach!

Need parts for your BMW? (ALL years... ALL MODELS!) Give us a call or send us an e mail for unbeatable prices... and most importantly: quality OEM parts sold by enthusiasts that specialize in what you drive!

Call: 1-800-950-2002 E Mail:


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