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Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Who We Are:

Maximillian Importing is a North American based licensee of BMW Mobile Tradition and their classic division, offering unparalleled knowledge and resources to locate the parts needed to keep these vehicles on the road with only the highest quality parts. Not only do we bring this history and intimate knowledge to world wide customers, but we assist BMW dealerships nationwide in locating and sourcing correct parts for classic and vintage BMWs. Our shipping and logistics are state of the art, but our knowledge and attention to detail will always remain analog in order to bring a truly personal touch to the BMW community.

Our Crew:

Paul Wegweiser - Lead Classic Specialist

Paul brings with him over 40 years of BMW history. He literally grew up in the back seat of a 2002 beginning at age four, and has been a continuous owner of BMWs since 1985. He's owned well over a dozen 2002s, E28s, E24s, E30s, and is now thinking the E46 might be the next great BMW he owns. He's not just some desk jockey with lily-white hands, either! He's spent years in the trenches of professional automobile restoration performing exhaustive concours level restorations on some of the world's most iconic cars; Ferrari 250GTL, Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwings, 190SLs and of course, his first love; Cheeky 2002s - from daily drivers to factory turbos. From rust repair and metal fabrication to getting that last little detail just right... he brings this experience and knowledge with him, to help you get your baby the parts it needs and the attention it deserves. Paul regularly drives his old 2002 on long, nation-wide road trips and has a nearly 30 year history with Maximillian Importing. He can recite part numbers from memory, which is perhaps why he still has a third grade math level… The human brain can only handle so much information, right? Paul handles the day-to-day sales and technical assistance for the company, and offers personal one-on-one assistance to our friends and customers. Some days, you can catch him hugging his microfiche viewer.

Saul Quijada - Sales

Saul is able to handle orders and help you select the correct parts for your BMW. Classic? Modern? He knows them all. Saul has been with Maximillian Importing since 2010, and since he’s from El Salvador, speaks both English and Spanish fluently. His loves include soccer, staying in shape at the gym, and of course - BMWs! His current machine is a 2008 328i. Handsome devil, isn’t he? When he’s not answering parts inquiries, you can usually find him somewhere on the beach.

Max Conover - Owner

Maximillian Importing Company began in 1987 when Max learned that there was an entire catalog of parts available for classic BMWs overseas that were not available through the North American dealer network. His faded red 1974 tii from college received many of these special and unique parts over the years that followed. The company's history can be traced back to a simple little green push-button rear fog light switch: Part number 61 31 1 353 589. From such humble beginnings, and using the tools of the time (a MacIntosh Apple II computer and a fax machine) Max began advertising his parts and location services in the back of the BMW CCA club magazine; "Roundel". The company has grown and evolved exponentially ever since!


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