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SALE: German HAZET brand tools!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Designed in Germany for German cars! Beautifully crafted hand tools. Shipping additional.

For for more information, or to place an order, Please email us directly:

THIS unassuming little critter will be the most essential and affordable tool in your toolbox. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it! Fits all 6mm BMW, Norma, Zebra, OEM hose clamps and flexes around obstacles to get in to tight spaces. I'll NEVER use a screwdriver for hose clamps again. EVER!

Only $56.00 while supplies last.

We promise you: This will be your new favorite tool.

Versatile folding creeper / stool. Folds or lays flat depending on the need. $139.00

How cool is THIS????

...or THIS? It's the same unit!

6pc Phillips and Flat head screwdriver set


The large HAZET screwdriver set. 31 pieces.


Genuine TESA brand European electrical wiring tape. Not hardware store vinyl, not hockey tape, but the REAL STUFF used in Germany. Adhesive backed. Rolls are 25 meters long / 19mm wide. Price per roll.



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Roy Gagnon
Roy Gagnon
Jan 29, 2019

Can you show a link to these? Having trouble finding them on your site. Thanks.