• Paul Wegweiser

2002 Threads for a Great Cause!

Our friends Sarah and Eric have been slowly bringing a 2002 back from the dead, as a Father / Daughter project over the years. It's slow going, but they've created a great crowd-funding product to help fuel the monumental task of bringing a tired old car back to life! These T shirts are amazing - but time is limited - and they're only offered for a short period of time before summer ends! We love seeing young people get their fingers greasy!

You can order them HERE!

Her enthusiasm is magical!

We've been following along for the triumphs and tribulations of these two for a couple years - and their gumption is inspiring!

All funds from these sales go directly to these two folks - but we're happy to help them spread the word!

Classic BMWs are all about COMMUNITY!

Check out their fans!

Offered purely as a friendly link to help out some fellow enthusiasts.

Maximillian Importing Co is not affiliated with the sale of these items - we just want to see them succeed!


We've specialized in the needs of classic BMWs for over 35 years!

E MAIL us for parts on your next project!

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